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Hi There!

I am glad you are here. Wholeness is not a pipe dream; it is God’s dream for you! Know up front, I am a REAL woman with real problems. I've learned how to overcome them and I am sharing my victories with you.  

courage to eat

Courage To Eat is a phrase I coined to help me stay focused on my best choices. In life we have a lot options as to how to live, heal, and connect. There are bad choices, good choices, and excellent ones. I've found over time the excellent choices lead to the MOST healing and my BEST life. I've also found that making excellent choices takes courage. Not everyone will agree with your decision to heal. You'll feel resistance inside and out. It's like the saying in King David's 23rd song, "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies." Don't you know, it takes courage to sit down to feast on what you need most, especially when your enemies are breathing down your neck. They want you to fight with them, not heal. Go ahead and sit down. Feast on what your spirit, soul, and body need most.

That's what this site is ALL about: A healing feast for your spirit, soul, and body, so you can LIVE, really live!  


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